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Sea Siren - Ginger Grant

Character summary

Born in New York City on September 1, 1937, Grant is a "movie star" and would casually mention names of some of the biggest movie stars of the day as her co-stars or acquaintances to the Castaways, suggesting that she too was a great star. In season 1 episode 1, "Two on a Raft", Ginger is singing in a club in Waikiki, the same gig mentioned by the radio announcer, after which she was seen boarding the tour boat still wearing the evening gown from her performance. "When I first broke into show business, I used to work with a magician", Ginger confesses in Season 1 Episode 33 "It's Magic". In the Gilligan's Island's pilot, actress Kit Smythe portrayed Ginger, who was then a secretary.

Ginger was sometimes seen helping the Professor with his experiments, dressed in a lab coat and spectacle frames and they conspired together in the episode "Ship Ahoax" to make it appear as though she were fortune-telling. They also shared romantic scenes, although these were usually in the form of a "lesson in love" such as in the episodes "Erika Tiffany-Smith to the Rescue" and "The Postman Cometh".

She also appears to have been the object of desire of The Skipper (Alan Hale Jr.) in several episodes. The Skipper chooses Ginger as his preferred contestant in the "Miss Castaway Pageant" held on the island (Season 2 Episode 2 "Beauty Is as Beauty Does"). In addition, when Skipper loses his memory in the first season Episode 30 "Forget Me Not", he is much more attracted to Ginger than Mary Ann, asking Ginger, "Hi, beautiful, what's your name?" while leering at her with delight. Ginger does not know about the Skipper's memory loss and she answers, with appropriate Hollywood pique, "Ginger, big boy, what's yours?"

Ginger sides with Thurston Howell III on many occasions – acting as a witness during a trial over treasure, serving as a sort of spy to divulge information from Gilligan by scratching his back, and allowing herself to be bribed by Howell, such as during the election of who was to be president of the island. Her secret agent code name and her measurements were both 36-25-36.

She is also close friends with Mary Ann; the two are around the same age. The actors were born in 1934 and 1938, respectively.

Ginger Grant, due to many prior film roles in Hollywood, spent her time on the island occasionally taking on the roles of chanteuse, barefoot fortune-teller, lab assistant, hair stylist, and psychoanalyst – as well as fronting the hastily formed island musical trio: The Honeybees. She also had to deal with a doppelganger, a plain mousy girl named Eva Grubb (also played by Tina Louise).

Unlike the other female castaways, who were seen in more than one set of clothes, Ginger initially appeared only in her evening gown. Later episodes did include changes in apparel for her as well.

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