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5 Habits Every Beach Lover Should Develop

True Beach Lovers Unite!

There are heaps of smaller picture habits to develop of course, e.g. always take water/hat, pick up plastic rubbish along the shoreline etc. but these are a couple of bigger picture ones to really make sure you maximise your entire life as a Beach Lover!


1. Open a holiday account with a different bank from your usual one, and send at least $10 - $20 across every week without fail. Do not get an ATM/EFTPOS card on this account. The idea of this is that you get to live your dream on at least ONE level each time your holidays roll around. Of course, the more you send the better, but even $500 per year can set you up with your dream outlook from a cool caravan park with an ocean view. It's all about the beach and the ocean - worry about the rest later!

Mooloolaba Caravan Park (Ocean Beach) - Mooloolaba: Powered sites with spectacular ocean views

2. Go into Pinterest and find inspiring images of your favorite beach, island or surf them all to a file and set them up as your inspirational screen-saver. This ensures that even when the cat jumps on your keyboard during the night, you awaken staring at an image of why you are going to work tomorrow. Smile, and go back to sleep...

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3. Subscribe to specific alerts from your favorite beach/holiday sites. Nothing cheers you up more than trolling through all your junk mail, only to find a little gem designed just for you. Mark everything else as junk, smile and move on.

Just one of the many amazing Merimbula beaches, NSW Australia and where I grew up

4.  Keep a permanent beach-goers kit in the car - if you are a surfer that's probably just a board on weekends or early morning, some zinc and a towel. If you just love the beach full stop, keep a full pack with towel, block-out, hat, water, togs, binoculars, (your phone can serve as a camera to capture memories), coverup shirt, thongs, sunnies.  Be ready to jump in whenever the mood takes you.

Cool for the perfect beach day.Tommy Bahama - Tommy Bahama Beach Wagon

5. Sometimes we live beside the beach and take it for granted. A true beach lover should commit to walking, driving or swimming most mornings, but for a bigger picture, make sure you dine out looking at the water once to twice a week. This ensures you are working ON your passion as well as in it, and truly appreciating it. If you are on a budget, just make your own roll, soup or salad. Costs nothing to look!

Greece Hellas

Hope some of these tips reinvigorate your love of the beach!

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